School Transportation Simplified

Say goodbye to rigid processes and inflated costs. Enjoy newfound speed, flexibility, safety and cost savings.

Optimize and Reduce Your Costs

Get a fully managed pick and drop solution for your staff and students or partner with us to offer transport services at your school or college.

Get an end-to-end streamlined platform with cost optimized routes for your owned fleet. Or subscribe with our partner fleet of cars, vans and buses for a transparent, flexible and reliable solution.

Trusted by Leading Educational Institutes
Shahi Sawari is Right for Your Institute

Shahi Sawari takes no shortcuts on safety. All our drivers are verified and registered with complete documentation, while all vehicles are highly maintained. With the Shahi Sawari live track on mobile applications, online platform and SMS based updates, parents and guardians are always aware of where their loved ones are. Give your students the ultimate sense of safety.

Choose between a fully managed transport solution, platform and technology support or partner with us to introduce our services on your campus. With a fully managed transport solution, we provide end-to-end services starting from figuring out your transport needs to arranging and supporting the fleets. You get greater transparency on your cost structures and more options to save. You can also choose for our platform to optimize, monitor and reduce costs for your existing fleet.

Cars & Rickshaws: Suitable for 3 to 4 persons
Vans: Suitable for 6 to 15 persons
Buses: Suitable for 25 to 50 persons
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Rides for All Your Needs
Monthly Pick and Drop Services

Shahi Sawari technology creates efficient carpools and routes for your school, optimizing daily transportation. We also manage the entire process, eliminating headaches and reducing administrative strains.

The result is cost savings, reduced commute times and less congestion on the road.

Rides to Events and Functions

Getting students safely to co-curricular events and functions is a huge challenge for school administrators - especially with multiple providers.

Shahi Sawari simplifies transportation, freeing your staff to focus on the more crucial aspects. We'll tackle the transportation logistics.

Age Group and Gender Sensitive

We can cater to special transportation needs that require gender or age based segregation so that pools are created with the focus on providing the most convenient service with maximum peace of mind for parents.

For added awareness at all times, Shahi Sawari app also provides real-time tracking for both parents and school staff.

Field Trip Transportation

WWith a large network of cars, vans, coasters and buses, Shahi Sawari has the right sized vehicle for day trips or overnight events.

You'll eliminate surprises and save valuable time better spent on preparing for the trip itself.

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Learn why school administrators, parents and students alike love the convenience and reliability of Shahi Sawari.

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